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Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (known as OIFN) envisions people with developmental disabilities being supported to direct their own lives, and live as valued community members and citizens. We are a growing Community of Practice that includes people with developmental disabilities, family members, Independent Facilitators, and other allies interested in creating new ways for people to be supported. We are committed to FACILITATING CHANGE and CUSTOMIZING SUPPORT in the lives of people with developmental disabilities, and their families.

Upcoming Event

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

10:00am-11:30am EST

Staying Brave Stories – Creating an Ordinary, Everyday Life

Join the OIFN Community of Practice on Zoom Video Conferencing for opportunities to:

  • Come together with other people, family members, and loved ones, independent facilitators, and supportive allies who feel called to social justice and social action in these times.
  • Learn through story sharing about OIFN’s Framework for Ordinary, Everyday Lives.
  • Share experiences, ideas, and stories about building meaningful relationships, staying connected, and cultivating spaces for rich dialogue.
  • Learn together about belonging and inclusion, Independent Facilitation, and how we can bravely move forward together in a movement for change.

There is NO COST to participate.


independent facilitation

Independent Facilitation is an ongoing support relationship designed to assist people with developmental disabilities as they work to create CHANGE in their lives. The focus is: create CHANGE; CUSTOMIZE support; DIRECT their lives and maintain control; seek COMMUNITY support as the first option for inclusion; live as CITIZENS.

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What This Time has Meant by Judith McGill

I think what I find most remarkable about living through this global pandemic, is the dawning awareness that I share this experience in common with some 7.8 billion other souls around the world. There has been no place in the world that has not felt the impact of the pandemic, whether it has been big or small. I feel for the first time in my life that I am not a particle floating around in the world alone. ​



OIFN Reflective Practice Conversation – Our Story

OIFN believes “in reflective practice and shared learning through a Community of Practice that engages people with disabilities, family members and/or loved ones, independent facilitators, and other allies, in a collaborative approach, to co-create knowledge and reflect deeply on principles and practice.”
Though we initially imagined an in-person gathering in spring 2020 to aid that practice, this year has presented many changes in the world as we know it. OIFN regrouped after the COVID-19 outbreak, deciding to bring people together virtually. This Reflective Practice Conversation was OIFN’s first online gathering via Zoom Video Conferencing!



This Framework for an Ordinary, Everyday Life is comprised of a number of separate functions that work together to support people to take on valued social roles and to be engaged and contribute to their neighbourhoods and communities:

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