OIFN Publications

OIFN has produced written and video publications. We have learned much through our work on the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project. You can access some of our learning here.

Core Elements of Independent Facilitation

In April 2018, the Board of OIFN and the leads from Independent Facilitation Organizations across the province engaged in dialogue to clarify the heart and core of the work of Independent Facilitation.

weaving a story of change: IFDP learning so far

The Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project (IFDP) is a collaboration involving OIFN, seven Independent Facilitation Organizations (IFOs), and the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The intent of the IFDP is to explore the possibility of making Independent Facilitation as a viable support option for people with developmental disabilities and the those who love them, as they pursue life as a valued citizen and contributing community member.

For people who would like to print this document, there is a higher resolution document available to download at the following link: weaving a story of change (2 sided print version)

Common Threads Reflections 2016

Reflections by John O’Brien

The Common Threads 2016 conference drew people with disabilities and family members, Independent Facilitators and organization leaders together to reflect on stories of change supported by Independent Facilitators. This compound question framed their thinking together, What difference do Independent Facilitators make and how do they do it?” Most of the exploration focused on change for people and families as they relate to their communities and supports.

A higher resolution version of the document that can be downloaded for printing is available here Common Threads Reflections 2016 (Print Version)

Probing The Edges Of The Work Of Independent Facilitation

Independent Facilitators working in the Independent Facilitation Organizations involved with the IFDP, explore what is involved in the work of Independent Facilitation.

An Ecosystem For Growing Possibilities: OIFN Vision Beyond April 2017

OIFN developed a vision for the work of supporting people with developmental disabilities to direct their lives and customize supports that make it possible for them to live as valued citizens and contributing community members. This vision includes interconnected networks that includes: self advocates; families; Independent Facilitators; allies within the Ministry; and service agency allies and people who can provide direct support.

Common Threads Reflections 2014 ReadSpeaker Listen

Reflections by John O’Brien
with contributions of presenters at the Common Threads Conference 2014

The Common Threads Conference 2014 composed portraits of person-centered work. Everyone who attended had the chance to expand their understanding by refections on the hopes and meanings attached to doing the work.

IFDP Emerging Community Gatherings

The Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project provided an opportunity to meet with people with developmental disabilities, families, community and service agency allies, in communities across the province. These gatherings were an opportunity to listen to what people want and need, and dialogue about how Independent Facilitation can support their efforts.

IFDP London Community Gathering

IFDP Hamilton-Brant Community Gathering

IFDP Kingston Community Gathering

IFDP Near North Community Gathering

IFDP York Region Community Gathering

IFDP Thunder Bay Community Gathering

Other Publications

What’s Worth Working For?

Leadership For Better Quality Human Services

By John O’Brien

An exploration of the Five Valued Experiences (John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien 1989), and Five Service Accomplishments that service agencies, and people interested in creating meaningful support, can aspire to as they assist people in moving toward a desirable future as valued citizen and community member.

Families and Planning

by Susannah Joyce

A guide for family members, friends and trusted allies, who want to support the person they care about in planning for their life.

Planning Together For Self Advocates

by Susannah Joyce

A plain language guide for self-advocates who are thinking about planning for their life and support.

We Have Human Rights

A human rights handbook for people with developmental disabilities from the Harvard Project on Disability

Finding A Way Toward Everyday Lives (1992)

by: John O’Brien and Herb Lovett

This publication thoughtfully describes the foundation of person-centered planning and its potential for creating a better future for people and for influencing change. It also addresses controversies and fears associated with this new approach.[/responsivevoice]

Person Centered Planning and the Quest for System Change

by John O’Brien

O’Brien considers an array of person centered planning methods, and contexts in which these practices are used.