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Thank you for considering making a financial contribution to the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network.

OIFN is primarily run by volunteers and, without any ongoing funding, relies on contributions from our Community of Practice to keep us going.

Where do contributions go?

When you contribute to OIFN, proceeds go directly to the work of OIFN to benefit the Community of Practice.

Any contribution you are able to offer will allow OIFN to continue to provide gatherings, resources, and more as we strive to foster and sustain a Community of Practice committed to facilitating change for people to live meaningful, everyday lives.

Gatherings for Shared Learning

Committed to convening and connecting people for shared learning, we do our best to bring people together many times throughout the year at either no cost or very low cost to participants. Your contributions offset expenses, such as video conferencing subscriptions, venue fees, and coordinator and presenter costs, which allow us to continue to offer Forums and Reflective Practice Conversations, Book Clubs, courses and training, and other gatherings – both in person and online.

Event Bursaries

The OIFN Community of Practice is inclusive of people with developmental disabilities, family members and/or loved ones, independent facilitators, and other allies who are interested in supporting people to live meaningful, everyday lives in their chosen neighbourhoods and communities.

For many people who care about and are part of OIFN’s Community of Practice, affordability can often be a barrier to participation. OIFN is always open to and seeks out opportunities to cover costs for folks who would otherwise be unable to attend our events. Your contributions support OIFN’s bursary fund and assist in creating spaces that allow for broad participation of anyone interested in learning together, where all perspectives are present and heard, and where co-learning, reflection, and deepening of capacities are grounded in the insights and experiences of people and families and/or loved ones.

Online Presence and Resources

OIFN is also committed to Communication and Education, as we work to inspire others to join a broader movement for change and co-create a more just, inclusive society.
Your contributions offset ongoing maintenance costs for our website, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, Independent Facilitator Listings, and more, so that we can continue to broadly share our collective expertise and resources with others and and start conversations that matter.

Will I receive a donation receipt?

Because OIFN is not a registered charity, we are not able to issue charitable receipts.

See our What We Do page to learn more about OIFN’s role.

Click the button to send an online contribution by credit card.

To make a contribution by cheque

Please address payment and mail cheque to:
Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports
3357 Walker Road, Unit #2
Windsor, ON
N8W 5J7

*Please include a memo with your cheque that a contribution is being made to OIFN.

**All payments for OIFN are received and processed by Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports, acting as OIFN’s financial agent.

Thank you for supporting the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network.