Guide to Creating a Listing




What is a Listing?

On the map a Listing consists of two components:

  1. A coloured pin on the map
    The pin colour is governed by the type of listing (Oranization, Community of Practice, Training Organization, Individual), and the pin location is a function of the postal code and address.
  2. A biography of the organization/individual with contact details.
    The listing contents give a description, contact information, service coverage area, logos, a 200 word overall description, and provision for individual facilitator biographies that include pictures. This allows the organization/individual to paint a picture of who they are and the services they offer.


Listing Sections


The fields that are filled on the Contact page that starts the process provide the basic contact information for an “opt-in” to creating a listing. An email is sent to the address entered in the Email Address field. In that email is a link that, when clicked, authenticates the sign-up and activates the listing (at this stage empty).
Username – this is used to login once the sign-up is complete
Email address– used to send the opt-in email and for future communication. Note that you will be opted-in to OIFN communications when you complete your sign-up and activate your listing.
Password – used to login to complete/edit your listing
Name – Organization name or an Individual’s name
Contact first name
Contact last name
Contact telephone


This section has two parts – Name and Address.


This includes sole proprietorships and common fields between all types:

Listing type – one of: Organization, Community of Practice, Training Organization, Individual
Name –the name of the organization or individual
Telephone number – the phone number for the organization/individual
Email Address – the email address for the organization or individual
Website url – optional website address
Logo – a picture of the Organization’s logo (jpg or png) limited to 1MB in size
Description – a description of the organization limited to 200 words. For an individual, the description is in the bio field in the Facilitator section.


Address details provide location data for Google’s mapping service which drives the pin locations on the map.
The most important field is Postal Code.
The other address fields provide refinement of the pin location within Postal Code.
Note:  in the case where an organization and individuals share an address and each has a listing, only one listing should have an accurate Postal Code. If the same Postal Code is used by all listers, then the pins will overlap completely on the map. To “unhide” the pins, choose one listing for the correct Postal Code. Choose a different last number for each of the other listers. For example, if the Postal Code is M6R 1Z8, subsequent listers would choose M6R 1Z7, M6R 1Z9, etc.

County – the counties are listed in the help for the Region field below.
Province – this field cannot be modified and is fixed at “Ontario”.
Postal Code
Coverage Area


In this section facilitators, both those who are employed or contracted to an organization, and also individual facilitators are listed here. There are eight groups of three fields. Each group consists of:

Facilitator Name
Facilitator bio (limited to 200 words).
Picture (limited to a megabyte in size)

In the case of an Individual or sole proprietor, there will only be one name/bio/image.

Mapping of Fields to Listing Display

The following diagram shows the Listing fields and where they are in an open Listing:


Profile Fields Map