Facilitation is the work of creating change. But why is Independent Facilitation important?

Many people with developmental disabilities and their families are looking for support to create the changes that they want and need to see in their lives. They want to plan and create action that makes it possible for them to live an everyday ordinary life in their communities. They want to have control over their lives and the support that they require.

Independent Facilitation Focuses On Creating A Desirable Future

Independent Facilitation was developed to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families remained in control of the course of their lives and the way they receive support,

Facilitation and planning support needed to be free of any potential conflict of interest between the way services were delivered in the past, and the vision that a person with a disability and their family would have for their future. People with developmental disabilities, and their trusted family members, want to be able to imagine the life they want to live, and develop support that allows them to move toward that life.

Independent Facilitation is focused on people directing their own lives and assisting them as they develop support that can work for them.