We have collected articles that are available for you to download.

Resource of the Month

Highlights of our favorite resources, tools, and media around Independent Facilitation.



Planning, Facilitation, inclusion, community, support circles, citizenship, are ideas and practices that have been explored by leaders here in Canada, and around the world. We have identified some books that can get you started in going deeper on these concepts.



Stories, decisions and actions by government, and trends across the province and around the world happen all the time. Sometimes these events and news have a direct impact on people with disabilities, their families, and their possibilities for creating change that can work for them. Our News blog is a place to stay tuned to the news and how it relates to you and the change you want to see.


Ideas Blog

People who are engaged in this work as Facilitators, family members, people using the support of facilitation for their own lives, will share ideas about the practice in our blog.


Web Sources

We are collecting links to resources and organizations that can be helpful  all the time. You can find some here.