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The Nature of Blogs and News posts on this Site

Please feel free to submit any blog or story that:

  • Highlights your personal experience with independent facilitation and person centred planning.
  • Contains your thoughts and/or feelings about something related to social inclusion and/or citizenship. (real jobs, meaningful leisure, home of your own)
  • Describes an experience that you have shared with someone else that you think would inspire others to make changes in their own lives.
  • Captures what it means to transform our communities one person at a time.
  • Tells of something powerfully transformative in your own life or that you have been witness to in someone else’s life.
  • Cautions us to pause and consider the impact of a particular trend in our society or the implications of certain policies on creating an ordinary, everyday life.
  • Helps us be more mindful about the practice of independent facilitation and person centred planning.
  • Inspires and moves those who have a shared passion for independent facilitation and person centred planning into right action.
  • Expands our collective understanding and appreciation of how independent facilitation is being experienced and nurtured in different parts of the province.


You may also consider reposting an inspiring article or blogpost that you have read elsewhere or you have posted somewhere else.
Please ensure if you are reposting a blog that you seek permission first from the original author of the post. (unless of course it was posted within the “Creative Commons” domain where it is considered public access).


  • If you have an article in a file, copy all the text and paste it into the “Article copy” text box.
  • The first paragraph should be a SHORT ‘introductory’ paragraph (less than 100 words) to be posted as a topic introduction.
  • A FEATURE IMAGE is highly recommended.  The proportions are: 538 x 218 pixels at a density of 96 dpi. (The image must be free of all copyright encumbrances).
  • Optimally, the title should appear in the first paragraph (not mandatory ).
  • Short titles are preferred over long titles.
  • Bold, Italic, and Underlined text is OK.
  • Numbered or bulleted points are fine, but only one level deep. Nested points cannot be accommodated.
  • Indicate quoted sentences by using italicized text.
    E.g. “The benefits of inclusion evident in the educational research are improved teaching, and better academic, social and behavioural outcomes.”

Submitting a Blog or News Post

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Thank you for your contribution.



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