Fall Forum 2014

From Promises to Possibilities – Staying the Course

Since the announcement made by the Ministry of Community and Social Services of the availability of new dollars within the Developmental Services sector, there has been a flurry of activity throughout the province and it’s difficult to keep up with all that is currently happening or being proposed. There is real value in knowing and understanding the small and large pieces of work being done; having a sense of the big picture helps us all stay the course in offering this work in the most person-directed, value based ways during this time of moving from promises to possibilities.

Monday, November 3, 2014
9am to 4:30pm

Quality Hotel & Conference Centre
Oshawa, ON

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Common Threads Conference 2014

Reflections on Common Threads

Approaches and Contexts for Planning Everyday Lives

The conference composed portraits of person-centered work. Everyone who attended had the chance to expand their understanding by exploring different practices, hearing various accounts of history and lessons from application, and undertaking personal and small group reflections on the hopes and meanings attached to doing the work. The pictures that emerged express rich and interesting variety. Each person had her or his own opportunity to engage in conversation and personal reflection in order to make sense of that variety and identify common threads that show up throughout their particular picture.

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