OIFN is offering this online listing as a resource for people and families and/or loved ones, in the hopes of increasing visibility and accessibility of Independent Facilitation for people who want it. As Independent Facilitation is a non-regulated practice, and there is no universally recognized local, regional, or federal body that holds the liability or provides monitoring for independent facilitators, OIFN does not oversee, evaluate, or certify the work of independent facilitators or Independent Facilitation Organizations.

Who is this for?

OIFN’s Independent Facilitator Listing intends to serve as a place of information and provide increased visibility and accessibility of Independent Facilitation.

Independent facilitators support people, along with their families and/or loved ones, to create change in their lives and who works separately from direct service delivery, advocacy, assessment, eligibility, and funding/resource determinations.

Independent facilitators remain “free of conflicts of interest” and do not:

  • deliver residential or day services
  • manage people’s funding allocations
  • employ or provide support workers
  • have responsibility related to assessment or eligibility, funding determinations, and/or oversight
  • in the role as a facilitator, also enter into or assume the role of community support worker

Independent facilitators are not employed or paid directly by and do not take direction from organizations that offer the services listed above. As well, to be “free of conflicts of interest” means that independent facilitators are accountable to the people and families with whom they work and, if applicable, to the Independent Facilitation Organization by whom they are employed.

To determine if you fall within the definition and scope of practice of an independent facilitator, we encourage you to review and reflect on the following pages and resources on oifn.ca:

Preparing to Submit a Listing

Before you create a listing, we encourage you to gather the following items, which will assist you in completing your profile:

  • Contact information to be posted publicly (Name, City, Postal Code, Phone Number, E-mail Address)
  • Coverage area (where do you offer Independent Facilitation?)
  • A link to your website (if applicable)
  • A logo or photo of yourself (less than 10MB, less than 500×500 pixels)
  • A short biography (up to 300 words)
  • Identify your region in Ontario

When composing your brief Facilitator Bio, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Include any organizations or groups with which you are affiliated and describe your involvement. How involved are you in the provincial OIFN Community of Practice? Do you participate in any regional or local Communities of Practice?
  • Describe your experiences to date supporting people and families as an independent facilitator.
  • Describe the training and mentoring that you have received, are receiving now, and/or intend to receive in the future. How are you committed to ongoing, life-long learning and evaluation?
  • Are you prepared to work within the Guide for Ethical Conduct? How will this be evident in your work?
  • How does your approach to Independent Facilitation fit within OIFN’s Scope of Practice of Independent Facilitation? You may wish to briefly reflect on the 5 areas of Independent Facilitation and/or the principles outlined in this document.

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