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Independent Facilitator Listings

Regions in Ontario

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Judith McGill



M6R 1M3

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Coverage Area

Currently serving the Greater Toronto Area.
Facilitator Bio

Judith McGill has had extensive experience over the past 27 years as an independent facilitator supporting individuals with developmental disabilities within the context of their families to take the next step, whatever that might be and to live the life they have imagined. She has been the Executive Director of Families for a Secure Future, an Independent Facilitation organization, over the past 21 years.

Judith McGill uses her experience to inspire people to create a vision for change, shift their mindsets and reorient their priorities. Her courses engage facilitators, family members and individuals who have a developmental disability in a process of dialogue and discovery.

LifePath training focusses on a wide range of themes including: developing mindfulness on a day to day basis, the nature of story and narrative, planning in advance of death, conscious listening and speaking, LifePath formal planning process, getting a life and following one’s passions, the power of support circles; the art of interviewing and the importance of creating and nurturing valued social roles. Judith also develops courses uniquely suited to particular organizations and settings.

Judith has had extensive experience mentoring independent facilitators and families to help them deepen their understanding and application of themes brought forward in training and through job shadowing. Part of Judith’s work also includes teaching college and university courses on community development. She has a Masters in social policy and liberation movements and is interested in the nature of personal identity and systemic change.

She focusses her courses on bringing people together to so that they can make better sense of their work and their lives. Story and narrative is the most consistent thread that weaves itself through the many aspects of her work. She believes that by taking an authentic interest in one another we can transform ourselves.

Kaylie Chase




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Coverage Area

London , St.Thomas, Aylmer and surrounding areas.
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Facilitator Bio

Hi, I’m Kaylie! I grew up in New Brunswick, I have lived in Ontario since 2015. I have a passion for animals and nature.
My history with Person-Directed Planning began with Early Childhood Education, I then narrowed my focus and education on leadership development. Through a Neutral Planning and Facilitation internship, I practiced and developed my skills and implemented my learnings to develop Person-Directed Plans. My experience in the developmental sector is through front line work, as well as budgeting and coordination based off of people’s goals.
As an independent contractor and neutral advocate, I recognize the importance in the developmental sector when preparing for the future. I have strong faith in the innovative strategies and tools I use when planning with people, who have developmental disabilities, for future opportunities.
I believe everyone should have equal opportunity for success in their environments. I work towards this goal by facilitating collaboration sessions within teams to create inclusive, universal environments based on the person’s individual needs and strengths.
I not only offer Person-Directed Planning, but in addition I offer toolkits and workshops focused on developing Person-Directed Plans.
To learn more about the services I offer, or to schedule an initial introduction, please reach out!

Mirjam Schut



N5A 2M4

Phone Number

Coverage Area

Perth County
Facilitator Bio

My name is Mirjam Schut and I’m the lead Independent Facilitator for Facile Perth.
I have many years of experience in facilitation and person directed planning. I worked as a social worker in The Netherlands until I moved to Canada in 2010.
My motto is: “Reach for the stars”. By reaching for the stars I have helped people to go after their dreams. I believe in looking at possibilities , looking at people’s strengths, passions and gifts. This is often new for people I work with, but one that has been proven to be successful.
I’m honoured to walk alongside someone’s journey, to explore what their dreams are, to follow their lead, and to see them grow and achieve their goals.
What can be more beautiful than helping someone live the life they want?
I’m a creative, resourceful and an out of the box thinker. I don’t give up and I look at the community as a first resource. Knocking on closed doors until they open, being an advocate for people and helping them to become their own advocate and see their confidence grow is a very rewarding part of my job.
Seeing someone flourish in their own home, in their job, volunteer or by having more relationships in their lives is what life is about and why I love this work.
In my 9 years of being a facilitator I have worked hard to build strong relationships in the communities I work and they have proven to be very helpful. I’m part of several committees including the Perth Respite Network. I meet monthly with other OIF leads and I am part of a smaller local facilitators network. I facilitate the Perth County Family Network.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or inquiries,