Our vision is an Ontario where all people experience full belonging and inclusion and have control over their lives – to make decisions, share their interests and gifts, and receive and direct the resources and supports they need in order to take their rightful place in Canadian society with the same opportunities as other citizens.


Our mission is to support people with disabilities, their family members and/or loved ones to pursue meaningful, everyday lives. We are committed to learning alongside others about the contribution independent facilitation can make to people strengthening their voices, claiming their power, creating change, and living full lives in their chosen neighbourhoods and communities.

Priorities 2020

Engaging and Strengthening the Community of Practice of the OIFN

  • Being brave enough to start a conversation that matters:
    • Convening Reflective Practice conversations on line, monthly
    • Inviting in ‘everyone who wants to work on what’s possible’, connecting and reconnecting to people who have experienced independent facilitation or would like to experience independent facilitation, friends and family members interested in the support and practice of independent facilitation, independent facilitators, allied developmental service organizations interested in independent facilitation
    • Fostering connections to local and regional Communities of Practice
    • Re-connecting with communities where some community development has happened with respect to independent facilitation

Building/ re-building and supporting Independent Facilitation across the province

  • OIFN is often asked: “How do I become an independent facilitator?”
    • OIFN is committed to begin building training and mentoring capacity, and is
    • mobilizing training and mentoring capacity, and
    • building appreciation for ongoing learning/development/reflective practice
    • recognizing that the practice of independent facilitation requires training and mentoring
          • OIFN is featuring its Key Messages document which include OIFNs Core Beliefs; and the Framework for an Ordinary Everyday Life

Increasing visibility and accessibility of independent facilitation for people and families who want it 

  • OIFN is frequently asked by people and families: “How do I find an independent facilitator?”
    • OIFN is relaunching the OIFN Map/ Facilitator Listing in the FALL 2020 on
    • OIFN is highlighting the Ethical Code of Conduct for Independent facilitation on and why it is important
    • OIFN is engaging people and families in reviewing the “Questions to Ask Your Facilitator”