Weaving A Story Of Change: The Scope of the Work

This video explores the scope and range of assistance that Independent Facilitators can offer people with developmental disabilities, and the people who love them. Anna Bruno moderates a conversation with Diane Peacock of Facile Perth, and Andrea Podruski of Citizen Advocacy Ottawa, all three experienced Independent Facilitators, share stories and experiences that capture the work of Independent Facilitation.

Independent Facilitation:
Supporting Arthur in Transforming His Life

Arthur, with the support of his facilitator, began a dynamic cycle of planning and action.  Arthur began receiving individualized supports tailored to his needs and goals. In a very short period Arthur’s life took off and he continues to grow, become more confidant and try new opportunities. This video – and Arthur’s genuine smile – demonstrates the power and contributing role of independent facilitation in supporting a person’s voice and supporting Arthur’s decision making, and bringing in others to Arthur’s personal support network to support him to live the life he wants.

Getting Started

Independent Facilitation is a relationship that can facilitate change, and customize support, for people with developmental disabilities and their families. This video features Marlyn Shervill, Brian Tardif, John Lord, David Devidi, and Judith McGill as they explore what makes it possible to offer this kind of support to people with developmental disabilities and their families in communities across Ontario.

Life’s A Journey

Independent Facilitation involves supporting people with disabilities, and those who love them, in building and sustaining desirable futures. It requires a focus on listening and discovering; gathering a supportive network; connecting to people, places, and activities in the community; and accessing and managing resources that can support life in the community as citizen, worker, volunteer, neighbour, and friend. Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports has been engaged in “the work of independent facilitation” for 16 years

Values Of Inclusion

Heather Simmons, from Perth Australia (via Scotland) delivers short punchy talk about the Values of Inclusion in 11 minutes. A brilliant short talk for staff – and basically anyone who is breathing about the value of human life!!

Hardwired For Belonging

David Pitonyak reflects on the “social brain”, being “hardwired for belonging” and the implications of loneliness and disconnection for people with disabilities.