This is a starting place for searching the web for information and organizations focused on facilitating change and customizing support, making it possible for people stay in control of their lives and support.

Bridges To Belonging Waterloo Region

Bridges to Belonging Waterloo Region

65 Hanson Avenue
Kitchener, ON, N2C 2H6

Facile Perth

Facile Independent Facilitation

32 Erie Street
Stratford, ON, N5A 2M4


312 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

Families For A Secure Future

Families for a Secure Future

Unit 4, 150 Fermanagh Avenue
Toronto, ON, M6R 1M3

Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports

3357 Walker Road, Unit #2
Windsor, ON, N8W 5J7

Other Resources That Support The Work of Change

The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario supports the self-determination of persons with disabilities. We believe that all people should have control over decisions concerning where they live, with whom they live, with whom they associate and how they spend their lives. In order to achieve this we recognize that Ontario must develop a system of funding whereby the person requiring assistance, supported by family and/or others, should have access to and control over the funds allocated for his/her supports.

Family Alliance Ontario is an autonomous alliance of citizens who offer knowledge, tools, and networking opportunities to individuals with disabilities, their families, and friends. FAO’s mission is to assist people in realizing a vision that includes valued relationships; choice and control over their lives; and enables inclusion through meaningful contribution and participation in community.

People First of Ontario is the provincial voice for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability. They are about rights – human rights, citizenship rights, accommodations rights and language rights. The right to freedom, choice and equality for all.

People First of Canada is the national voice for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability. They are about rights – human rights, citizenship rights, accommodation rights, and language rights. We believe in the right to freedom, choice, and equality for all.

Microboards Ontario provides information, education, resources and mentoring for people with disabilities, their families, and connected others that support the development of Microboards and/or alternative models. A Microboard is a group of committed family and friends who join together with a person who has a disability to create a supportive not-for-profit corporation.

Inclusion Press creates person centered resource materials for training events, public schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, human service agencies, health organizations, government agencies, families, First Nations organizations – nationally and internationally.

Realizations offers training, consultation, written and electronic resources, retreats and reviews in Canada, the US, and the UK on a variety of topics essential to supporting people who have a developmental disability, mental health issues, or physical challenges, to be full citizens in their community.

LifePath Independent Facilitation offers people with disabilities  an opportunity to re-imagine who they want to become and what they want to contribute as they create a rich meaningful life in the community. 
LifePath also offers mentoring to other independent facilitators, so that they can deepen their practice and reflect on their purpose.

The Facilitation Leadership Group provides training, coaching, and consultation for communities that want to create a New Story with citizens who require support to participate and contribute to everyday life. Our training is principle-centred and supports participants to use facilitation in ways thatenhance self-determination, community connections, and meaningful relationships.

P4P Planning Network connects a powerful network of professionals, organizations and agencies. With over 100 partner organizations referring families and caregivers to the Planning Network, it has become the go-to planning resource for families in Ontario.

HSA Canada is passionate about personalization and person-centred change for people, teams, organizations and communities. We develop, train and consult across all sectors. We are an international training, development and consultancy team – we work with you to adopt person-centred practices to achieve better lives for people, teams, organizations and communities

Neighbours International was established to support the collective efforts of individuals, families, the agencies that work for them, and the governments that fund them, as they work to go deeper in transforming systems, services, and the communities where people live.  We support the move from a congregated program focus, to an individualized person directed focus, that enables people to envision the life they want to live, and invest the resources available to them to support that vision.

The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices envisions a world where all people have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves. Our efforts focus on people who have lost or may lose positive control because of society’s response to the presence of a disability. This site helps us foster a global learning community that shares knowledge for that purpose. All are welcome here to share and learn.