OIFN works to promote justice and social change by connecting people and convening gatherings for a process of collective learning. We engage in conversations, gather and share resources, and deepen shared knowledge and understanding about the contribution and impact of Independent Facilitation as one aspect of supporting a person in living a meaningful, everyday, ordinary life. OIFN partners with others provincially, nationally, and internationally to explore opportunities for broad social action and change.


OIFN creates spaces for its Community of Practice to come together for co-learning, reflection, and strengthening ties and connections.
Through social media, book clubs, provincial forums, conferences, and other gatherings hosted in various areas across Ontario, OIFN engages and encourages people to share and grow together, create possibilities, and imagine new ways of supporting the meaningful, everyday lives of people with developmental disabilities.


OIFN cultivates strong relationships with people and families, independent facilitators, autonomous self-advocacy and family groups, supportive agencies, government, and other allies to foster growth and change in the lives of people and families, in systems, and in society.
In bringing people together, we strive to amplify the voices of our collaborators, work together to curate and share resources, and support people and families in Ontario to receive valuable assistance from independent facilitators.
OIFN maintains a powerful social media presence on Facebook and Instagram to engage a wide audience and create a broader awareness of social inclusion across Ontario and beyond. We are committed to strong partnerships and collaboration with everyone who aspires to this vision.

Communicating and Educating

OIFN is committed to learning together with people and families and others who envision a more just and inclusive Ontario.
We learn through powerful Stories about what it takes for people and families to stay together and build their resilience and courage. We learn through Ideas that emerge from the lived experiences of people and families pursuing a full life in their chosen neighbourhoods and communities.
We share our collective expertise and resources with others across Ontario who are looking at different ways to support people with disabilities build meaningful lives and have choice and control in their lives. Through social media and our mailing list, we distribute weekly posts and quarterly newsletters to delight, inspire, and start conversations that matter.


With genuine curiosity, OIFN explores the contributions of Independent Facilitation as a catalyst for broader social action and change. We engage in ongoing learning about the outcomes of this work, which supports people to clarify their vision, identify their goals and needs, and follow-through with concrete action steps. We have learned over time that people with developmental disabilities, their families, and\or loved ones know how powerful it is to build a meaningful life in their neighbourhoods and communities. We harvest insights from people and families, independent facilitators, supportive agencies, and other allies for deeper reflection and discovery about how change is emerging within wider systems. We gather and map our growing knowledge to consider long-term, large-scale social change at all levels, including and particularly at the level of the individual.