The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN) is a Community of Practice that includes people with developmental disabilities, family members and/or loved ones, independent facilitators, and other allies who are interested in supporting people to live meaningful, everyday lives in their chosen neighbourhoods and communities.

Our Community of Practice is dynamic in its commitment to expanding relationships, its action focus, and its reflective practice.

We gather together to work for justice and to bring about social change, so that people with disabilities are afforded the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities as any other citizen.  We work to find common ground with other individuals, organizations, and stakeholders in our desire to further develop and promote ways for shifting our cultural understanding of how ordinary, everyday lives can be made possible for all. 

We learn alongside others about the practice of Independent Facilitation and its contribution to a full life.  We are committed to supporting those people we serve, their families, and/or loved ones by FACILITATING CHANGE and CUSTOMIZING SUPPORTS.

OIFN Leadership List

Ashley White


Cathy Stroud


Colleen Mitchell


Joyce Balaz


Roz Vincent-Haven


For general information, contact:

Bill Rollo,
OIFN Community of Practice Coordinator